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Dave Brown - Executive Director, Lower Mainland Integrated Protection Services

1. What involvement have you had with IAHSS (past and present)?
Local Chapter Executive Treasurer; International Association – Guidelines Council 

2. What habit / training / philosophy most helped you progress in your career?
1. Training is continuous. If you are fortunate to have an employer who supports this, take full advantage. Many people do not take advantage of these opportunities and then wonder why they are surpassed when opportunities arise. 
2. You need to get out of your comfort zone. In order to grow you need to step away from what you know and learn about the items you don’t know, even if you dislike it - public speaking is a great example. Everyone has something they are very good at professionally and it may even be something they are well known for. That is great, and you should hang on to whatever that is. However, some get stuck there and never learn other skills. Good managers, in my opinion, will nurture what you do well but also push you in to areas that help you improve, even if it is uncomfortable for you. I most certainly would not be where I am today without those who forced me to learn additional skills.     

3. What, if anything, hindered your progress? 
No career has a trajectory which is always straight up – all careers have ups, downs and challenges along the way. You may feel like your progress is hindered along the way by the bumps in the road that you face. However, if you persevere and work through them you will be a better professional for it. It won’t be until after 10 years or so that you will look back and fully appreciate how much you learned from those experiences.  So what you think is a hindrance at the time will be a valuable learning experience if you can persevere. 

4. Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give yourself at the start of your career? 
See item #3! Also, keep taking formal education - even if it is one course a year. I recommend everyone stay plugged in to education because the longer you are away from it the harder it is to go back. 

5. What professional achievements are you most proud of? 
1. Being part of a team that has consisted of many very talented people, both past and present, who have persevered through many challenges to build our corporate protection department to where it is today. Everyone who has been part of the team has contributed along the way.  
2. I was part of a local team in 2008 who hosted an AC&E when the support was not the same as it is today. A relatively small group of people had to manage virtually every detail of this massive event. It was very challenging but it was also very rewarding experience.   

6. What are your goals for the future? 
To continue to help grow our team of professionals within our corporate department; to continue with post-secondary education and to give back to our industry by supporting IAHSS.  

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